Once a Princess
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 115 min | Year: 2014 |  Philippines

Once upon a time, a princess named Erin Almeda played the innocent heart of their school geek, Leonard Jamieson. Seven years later, they crossed paths. And it seemed like their roles have been reversed.

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Cheating Notes

The wife has a thing with the geeky guy in college. Although she kisses him, it doesn't proceed to a relationship because she marries the jock instead as a necessity.

A few years later, her jock husband becomes partly disabled but can still walk. She looks for a job to fend for both of them and ends up applying at the company of the geeky guy and he becomes her boss.

Her affection for the geeky guy starts developing again and it leads to her joining him on a trip to the countryside at the same time that her husband also goes out of town. She makes out with the geeky guy while they are having a picnic on the beach. No sex between them.

The husband comes home unexpectedly earlier than the wife. She makes an alibi about working overtime and staying overnight in the office, but her husband finds out that she's lying. She cries and admits that she cheated and he beats her up.

As to any sex scene, there's one between the wife and her husband. It's short, dark, and non-nude, which is unfortunate because the wife is pretty. She should have been ravaged in that red dress by her lover.

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