One of Us (TV Mini Series) (2016) aka Retribution
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One of Us
 231 min | Year: 2016 |  United Kingdom

Childhood sweethearts Adam Elliot and Grace Douglas, who have returned home from their honeymoon are found brutally murdered. Their families and neighbors in the remote Scottish Highland village of Braeston are devastated, but things take an even darker turn when a badly injured man arrives at their doorstep after his car comes off the road - a man who seems to be the killer.

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Cheating Notes

Episode 3

5 minutes into Episode 3, Moira Douglas (Julie Graham), mother of the murdered bride (Grace Douglas) fucks Alastair, their farm supervisor. Based on their dialog, it seems that their affair started way before, and Moira doesn't intend to fuck Alastair that day when she meets him at a restaurant. In fact, she's telling him that they should not continue their affair anymore. However, their talk makes her emotional and so she decides to fuck him in a hotel room. The screenshot above basically sums up their brief sex scene.

Episode 4


Alastair's wife knows about his affair with Moira and she tells Moira's husband about it. Moira and her husband then have a heated talk and we find out that Moira also had an affair with the murdered groom's (Adam Elliot) father and that her daughter Grace, the bride, is their offspring! Meaning, murdered newlyweds Adam Elliot and Grace Douglas have the same dad and are therefore half-siblings.

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