Satisfaction (TV Series) (2014)
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 44 min | Year: 2014 |  United States of America

A husband begins to track his wife's extramarital affair with a male escort.

A provocative drama that explores modern marriage at its midpoint. Through the lens of one couple, Neil Truman and his wife, Grace, this series answers the question, “What do you do when having it all is not enough?” by delving into their shocking and unconventional choices.

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Cheating Notes

Strategic nudity only. Butts (or a butt), cleavages, and side boobs are shown but never full boobs. In a sex scene at the start of Season 2 Episode 10, we even accidentally see pasties in the tits of the woman, indicating that the showmakers really had no intention of showing them to us.

I will be mentioning major cheating/sex scenes below and some minor scenes.


14;30 - Neil comes home and finds his wife Grace getting fucked against the wall by Simon, a male escort.

40:38 - Neil, pretending as Simon because he got his phone, fucks one of Simon's clients, a married woman. After-sex scene only.

53:36 - Neil fucks Adriana, another rich client of Simon.


42:20 - Grace comes to Simon's place and kisses him and closes the door to have implied sex.


8:10 - Flashback scene of Grace and Simon having sex from the previous episode.


41:53 - Neil fucks Adriana. The sex scene has thrusting action.

29:27 - Simon fucks a jailed married client. Only the introductory kiss is shown. She says that her husband pays for it.

15:30 - Neil meets Adriana's husband. He didn't know she has one. It seems that they are already estranged.

13:00 - Grace comes to Simon's place after fighting with her husband. They get naked in the shower but only the side of her naked body is shown.


12:25 - Simon gets a surprise home visit from Emma, his rich dad's second wife. His dad sent her to invite him for dinner because his dad wants something from him. She was his girlfriend before she married his dad. They fuck but only the initial petting and the after-sex scene are shown.


10:50 - Simon and Emma kiss in the locker room of a gym.

41:22 - Grace kisses Adriana (after rejecting Adriana's attempt to kiss her in the pool earlier) and they have implied sex.


1:23 - Flashback scene of Grace and Adriana having sex.

13:19 - Emma takes Simon's hand and puts it inside her bikini panty while he is going through some papers beside the pool. They are interrupted when her husband arrives.


4:20 - Simon and Emma are naked in the shower, but we only see her side boob at most.

24:36 - Adriana shows Neil a video of her and Grace fucking.

36:20 - Neil and Grace fuck. With thrusting action.


1:11 - Neil and Grace fuck on the dining table and on the couch because she says the missionary position is boring.


28:58 - Simon reconnects with Amara, an old married client, and has sex with her.


2:36 - Simon fucks a client against a wall. There's heavy thrusting and groaning. A large part of her cleavage is shown but she has pasties in her tits.

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