Saturday Night Special (1994)
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 86 min | Year: 1994 |  United States of America

T.J. owns a dive bar and mistreats his wife Darleen (Maria Ford). When Travis, a drifter comes to town, he quickly fills in for the lead singer Tina who passes out from too much drink. Travis saves the bar and has designs for more than Darleen.

Travis, a wandering singer and guitarist enters a local redneck roadhouse and is promptly offered by the bar owner employment as an entertainer. Darleen (Maria Ford), the wife of roadhouse owner T.J., has taken a fancy to the stranger who in turn becomes enthralled with her very obvious physical charms, and the pair must soon decide what they should do with T.J. The curious and cynical local sheriff also desires to know what indeed may become of T.J., since he and others have noticed the fires of lust burning within and binding Travis and Darleen. An additional source of potential trouble for the illicit lovers appears when a former prison mate of the mysterious Travis comes into the roadhouse, and it would seem that only the Fates will be able to rescue Travis from the dangerous situation that he has created for himself.

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Cheating Notes

20:18 - Singer kisses wife for the first time. She resists initially but gives in, They start making love on a table, with simulated penetration already going on, but are interrupted by her husband's call.

37:00 - The two fuck on the grass, someone sees them.

41:13 - The two kiss passionately under a tree.

50:11 - The two fuck in the bedroom.

1:10:17 - Her husband is already dead at this point. After attending the mass service for her husband, she and the singer fuck beside a rundown truck, accidentally shoving her husband's urn and spilling his ashes on the ground.

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