Scandal in the Family (1975) aka Peccati in famiglia
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 97 min | Year: 1975

Everything you always wanted to know about . . .

The story is about an ambitious but inept nephew who takes over the physical property and women of his rich nobleman uncle, including his wife, his daughter, and his maid.

The plot - a sort of parody on Pasolini's THEOREM (1968) - deals with the lifestyle of a petit bourgeois family being disrupted by the arrival of relative Placido; while Montagnani forsakes his middle-aged wife Mayniel for the attentions of lusty young maid Stefanelli, Placido takes turns getting involved with Mayniel, Stefanelli herself and, above all, the couple's wild teenage daughter Tamburi.

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Cheating Notes (English dubbed)

Original / Other Title:  Peccati in famiglia, Pecando en familia,

 Director:  Bruno Gaburro

Genres: Drama

Language:  Italian
Release Date:  3 March 1975

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