Sex of Magic (2002)
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Sex of Magic
 108 min | Year: 2002 |  South Korea

Everything seems to be going right for young Seung-Bin. He's got looks, money, a good job, and a beautiful fiancee. Only one thing is missing: he can't satisfy his fiancee in bed. He then sets out to master all things sex so he can return home and please her.

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Cheating Notes

Seung-bin can't satisfy Ji-hye, his fiancee, in bed. She gives him three chances to give her an orgasm before their wedding or the wedding will be canceled.

While still with Seung-bin, Ji-Hye starts entertaining the attention of a doctor. At 23:26, she kisses the doctor on the cheek when he drops her off at her place. Seung-bin sees this but instead of getting jealous, he fucks her to try and give her an orgasm. He fails and she tells him that there is only one chance left.

Seung-bin fucks Ji-hye again (40:47). She still doesn't get an orgasm so she breaks up with him.

The doctor becomes the new boyfriend of Ji-hye. They kiss inside the car (1:02:56).

After getting sex training in a sex temple, Seung-bin returns and looks for Ji-hye. She is at a grass-ski resort with her boyfriend and her best friend. She and her boyfriend start having sex in their room at the resort's hotel (1:24:46, 1:25:56, 1:27:03 ) but they are interrupted when Seung-bin calls her attention through the hotel's PA system. She meets Seung-bin in the field (1:27:51) and they fuck on a bench. This time, he gives her an orgasm. Meanwhile, the disappointed boyfriend of Jing-hye fucks her best friend.

Original / Other Title:  마법의 성

 Director:  Bang Sung-Woong

Genres: Drama, Romance

Country:   South Korea
Language:  Korean
Release Date:  11 October 2002

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