Spring of Life (2000) aka Pramen zivota
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Spring of Life
 107 min | Year: 2000 |  Czech Republic

Gretka, a young Czech girl is discovered by Heinrich Himmler's SS, in a remote Slovakian village. Taken by the girl's flawless "Aryan beauty," she is quickly removed from her home and placed in a "Lebensborn" facility to breed superior Aryan babies for the Fuhrer. While at the camp, we see the young woman have her skull measured and x-rayed to determine her exact Aryan lineage. She, along with other women (mostly blond, all beautiful) from Germany and Norway, are matched up with high-born German men; SS troops from the best families, preferably who also show great heroism on the battlefield. At first Gretka views the events unfolding before her with a detached air, but she soon begins to resent, and eventually despise the Nazi regime for what they are doing. And when she meets Leo, an attractive man of Jewish descent, acting as a slave to the SS, she decides to rebel in a way that is shocking and fascinating.

Gretka is a Czech girl who, because of her 'Aryan' good looks is selected to breed Aryan children as cannon fodder for the Third Reich in a "Lebensborn" home. She comes under the protection of the lesbian head mistress of the home and is thus spared the indignity of becoming a reproductive mare for Hitler's minions. However, she falls in love with a Jewish boy hiding out on the estate grounds which was confiscated ex-Jewish property, and becomes pregnant by him which leads to tragic complications.

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Cheating Notes

Gretka is married off to a Nazi in a mass Nazi wedding (1:05:15). After the reception, her husband initiates lovemaking with her in their designated room in the mansion, but he stops and doesn't go thru with it. Gretka then comes out of their room and goes to the quarter of the Jew that she fell in love with and makes love to him instead (1:15:50). The Jew gets her pregnant.

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Original / Other Title:  Pramen života – Der Lebensborn

 Director:  Milan Cieslar

Genres: Drama, History

Country:   Czech Republic
Language:  Czech
Release Date:  3 February 2000

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