Swept Away (2002)
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Swept Away
R  89 min | Year: 2002 |  Italy United Kingdom

Paradise makes strange bedfellows.

A spoiled socialite named Raffaella goes on a Mediterranean cruise with her husband and their friends and becomes stranded on a deserted island with Gennarino, a deckhand she'd tormented on board. They fall in love on the island and make a date to reunite after their rescue.

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Cheating Notes

When they are already stranded on the island, the deckhand starts forcing himself on the wife (Madonna) on the sand (55:00). He starts kissing her and asks her repeatedly to say yes, she wants to be fucked. When she finally says yes, he says no and tells her that she must really fall in love, become his love slave, and crawl and beg for mercy and then he gets off her. The wife mulls it over and finally does that: she crawls towards the deckhand and kisses his foot, indicating her complete submission. They then make love on the beach (59:42). She doesn't take her bikini off.

The two lie on the beach naked at 1:11:05.


The cheating scenes in the 1974 original film are a lot better than in this remake.


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