Tereza37 (2020)
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 100 min | Year: 2020 |  Croatia

The film is set in the Split, city on Croatia's Adriatic coastline. Tereza is 37 and has been married for a very long time. After several miscarriages, her gynecologist, in attempt to cheer her up, jokes how she should try to conceive with a different partner. This remark will shake up her monotonous life and make Tereza start questioning her marriage, the relationship with her family and people around her. She decides to steer things in a new direction, letting other men and new experiences into it, without questioning the consequences of her actions or the ultimate goal.

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Cheating Notes

The wife meets the first guy on a bus on her way home. She thinks he is following her after they get off the bus but it turns out that he just lives near her. She apologizes to him the next day. He invites her for coffee which she refuses, but eventually, she comes to his house and fucks him (40:50). They have sex again at 47:57, but it's a nude post-coital dialog scene only.

The second guy is the wife's co-actor. She laughs at his jokes during rehearsals, has coffee with him, starts these little flirtations with him, etc. But he's a psychotic one. Even when they are really not in a relationship yet, he shows her his jealousy and possessiveness when he asks her who the guy she was dancing with at a bar and where she went with him. With this premise, he rapes her in his car (1:14:17).

The wife meets the third guy during her high school reunion. He is a bartender at the party. She lets him fuck her outside the reunion's venue doggy-style (1:01:02).

The wife also attempts to fuck her ex, but bitter memories of his infidelity come up when she visits him so it doesn't push through.

Since the wife wants to get pregnant, she tells all of her lovers (except the rapist) that she's on the pill and that they don't need to wear condoms and can unload their cum inside her pussy. She does get pregnant in the end.

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Original / Other Title:  Tereza37, Tereza 37

 Director:  Danilo Šerbedžija

Genres: Drama

Country:   Croatia
Language:  Hrvatski, Srpski
Release Date:  30 July 2020

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