The Crime of Father Amaro (TV Mini Series) (2023)
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The Crime of Father Amaro
 46 min | Year: 2023 |  Portugal

Based on Eça de Queiroz's 1875 novel, the plot takes place in Leiria, Portugal, at the end of the 1860s, and follows the story of the forbidden passion between Amaro, a young priest, and Amélia, "the most beautiful girl in Leiria". Tense, emotional and rooted in personality conflicts, the series takes a critical look at society and the church in Portugal, in Leiria in the 19th century.

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Cheating Notes

From Episode 1 to Episode 3, Father Amaro and Amelia, the young woman, get to know each other and kiss here and there.

In Episode 3 at 15:04, Amelia accepts her suitor's proposal and they kiss, briefly and lightly. At 27:06, she kisses the priest longer and with more passion.

In Episode 4, Father Amaro and Amelia have sex several times. (torrent)

Original / Other Title:  O Crime do Padre Amaro

 Director:  Leonel Vieira

Genres: Drama, Crime

Country:   Portugal
Language:  Portuguese
Release Date:  16 January 2023

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