The Dark Room (1982)
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 96 min | Year: 1982 |  Australia

A slightly disturbed young amateur photographer finds that his father has been secretly having an affair with his co-worker. Thus begins a spiral into blackmail, stalking, and voyeurism.

Here's an original, psychological thriller with an interesting premise. From the word go, we're thrown right into the lonely world of our young disturbed individual, Mike, a budding photographer and extra talented artist who spends hours on end in his darkroom. Why? He's obsessed with his father's selfish mistress, the beautiful Nicky (Anna Jemison) who naturally slips into this role, a mixture of good and bad. He's been stalking her for god knows how long. He's even gone to such lengths as getting a job at her place of employment, a dress shop. That's how obsessed he is. He even follows the two to his dad's hideaway, and sneaks in a back window. While listening to the two, he fondles and caresses a stuffed rag doll, pressing it up against his face, as if it's Nicky. This is a very disturbed individual. He soon strikes up a sexual relationship with her (their first and only lovemaking at 48:00). His father, a doctor (Alan Cassell) is oblivious to the goings-on of his son. There is a barrier between father and son, here, a non-communication, and this has put a great deal of stress on the suffering mother, unaware of her husband's affair. One night, the argument that was bound to erupt, erupts with Mike moving out into this crappy, dingy one-room studio in Woolloomooloo. And what does he do, utilizes half of it for a dark room with a manifold of hanging photos of you know who. When he has sex with Nicky at 48:00, he fails sexually, as he keeps seeing his Dad naked, doing it with her in the same room, while he's taking photographs from the roof of an adjacent building. Mike finally resorts to blackmail, but his father won't back down, so inevitably he leaves the wife for Nicky, so you can guess the outcome, and it's not a pretty one.

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 Director:  Paul Harmon

Genres: Thriller, Horror

Country:   Australia
Language:  English
Release Date:  1 July 1982

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