The Decline of the American Empire (1986)
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 101 min | Year: 1986 |  Canada

Four very different Montreal university teachers gather at a rambling country house to prepare a dinner. Remy (married), Claude (a homosexual), Pierre (involved with a girlfriend) and Alain (a bachelor) discuss sex, the female body and their affairs with them. Meanwhile, their four female guests, Louise (Remy's wife of 15 years), Dominique (a spinster), Diane (a divorcée) and Danielle (Pierre's girlfriend) are spending the time at a downtown health gym. They also discuss sex, the female body and, naturally, men. Later in the evening, they finally meet at the country house and have dinner. A ninth guest, named Mario, who used to know Diane, drops in on the group for some talk and has a surprise of his own.

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Cheating Notes

24:00 - Louise tells a story about a swinging party she attended with Remy.

55:29 - Flashback scene. Diane fucked Remy as revenge when she was still not divorced from her cheating husband Roger.

1:02:04 - Flashback scene. Remy fucked Diane and her daughter walked in on them. She may already be divorced here.

Original / Other Title:  Le déclin de l'empire américain

 Director:  Denys Arcand

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Country:   Canada
Language:  English, French
Release Date:  19 June 1986

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