The Dwelling (1993)
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The Dwelling
 90 min | Year: 1993 |  United States of America

When Andy moves into The Dwelling, his life looks perfect. He is starting college and making friends with his sexy neighbor, Pam. Curiosity about the bizarre noises from the "empty" apartment lures Andy and Pam into a frenzy of Satanic depravity, where they discover there can be a fate worse than death!

A small-town farm boy moves to the big city (LA) to find fame and fortune, etc. Most of the film is taken up with his trials and errors as he tries to find a job, loses his wallet, runs out of money, etc. He befriends his good-looking neighbor and her controlling boyfriend and starts to hear noises from the room above which is supposed to be empty. Finally, after what seems an eternity, he finds out there is actually a devil-worshipping cult using the flat, there are inserts during the film where they kill and do rituals but it's all random and doesn't make a great deal of sense really.

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Cheating Notes

The new guy in the apartment complex is given a blowjob by his hot neighbor after dining with her at 56:27. I think it's safe to assume that they have sex because she changed into a sexy negligee that clearly tells him to fuck her, but alas, only their oral sex part is shown. Do watch their series of interactions prior to this scene (especially her sexy introduction to him at 24:40), with some interactions involving her boyfriend.

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