The Girl Behind the Mirror (2018)
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 103 min | Year: 2018 |  Czech Republic

Renata is the happy mother of a seven-year-old daughter and she and her partner, journalist Ivan, live in a First Republic wooden cabin on the bank of a flooded quarry. The place is idyllic, but the relationship between Renata and Ivan is more complicated. Ivan is now a forgotten curmudgeon, while Renata, who has become a film director, is at the height of her powers. She falls for the lead actor in the new film she's shooting and must painfully decide this unexpected problem.

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Cheating Notes

24:16 - The married female director practices a scene with the lead actor and they almost kiss, with their lips touching a bit. Her husband is among the crew and sees this.

28:00 - The lead actor and the lead actress do a sex scene for the film being shot.

41:00 - The director has sex with the lead actor.

58:44 - The director has sex with the lead actor.

1:11:05 - During a celebration at a bar after the last shoot for the film, the director and the lead actor make out while dancing in front of everybody. The crew doesn't seem to mind and is ignoring them except for the lead actress, who looks at them. After this, the director and the lead actor share a bathtub in a hotel room.


Original / Other Title:  Dívka za zrcadlem, The Girl Behind the Mirror

 Director:  Andrea Sedláčková

Genres: Drama, TV Movie

Country:   Czech Republic
Language:  Czech
Release Date:  11 February 2018

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