Satu Hari Nanti (2017)
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 122 min | Year: 2017 |  Indonesia

An anniversary celebration ends badly for a couple, Alya and Bima. The impact does not only affect them but also other couple, Chorina and Din. Two couples who are also best friends trapped in an honest truth when they learn that they secretly admire and love each other's partner.

Two lovebirds who live abroad in Swiss find themselves in awkward situation when another couple arrived and enter their life that cause sparks between each other of them.

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Cheating Notes

Couple Alya (female) and Bima (male) start having sex in the kitchen but they don't finish it (5:34).

Alya and Bima have a fight at their supposed anniversary celebration, which their best friends, the other couple Chorina (female) and Din (male) are also attending. Bima leaves the couple's place, and Chorina accompanies him, while Alya stays, and Din accompanies her. Alya cries and Din consoles her, which leads to Alya initiating the kiss between them, and they have sex (19:56). Meanwhile, Bima and Chorina also kiss.

Bima and Chorina have sex (1:04:31).

Alya fucks her boyfriend Bima, but after he leaves their place, she welcomes Din and fucks him too (1:38:13).

Note: Sex scenes are conservative. We only see the kissing part and the women taking their shirts off, exposing their bras, but the scenes cut off after that.

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