Satisfaction (TV Series – Australia) (2007)
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 60 min | Year: 2007 |  Australia

Set in a high-class brothel, Satisfaction reveals the world of five high class escorts and their manager as they juggle the pressures of their private lives with their secret profession.

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Cheating Notes

Some of the main women characters have boyfriends (or a girlfriend) at some point while they are working as escorts and fucking clients. Some of their partners know their job while others don't.

Lots of great sex scenes in most of the episodes. I will just mention a few cheating-related scenes below.


10:21 - Chloe has a threesome with a client and another escort.

17:50 - Chloe services an old client.

31:55 - Chloe has hot sex with her boyfriend on the kitchen top and then in the bedroom. He knows that she's an escort.


00:33 - Mel fucks Tim, an older guy she is in a relationship with. He doesn't know that she's an escort, I think.

15:28 - Mel fucks a rock star client. She breaks up with Tim at the end of the episode.


00:36 - Heather has lesbian sex with her girlfriend. The latter knows that she's an escort.

08:33 - Heather has a threesome with a client and another escort.

14:48 - Heather fucks an old client.


10:56 - Heather has a married couple as clients. She has a threesome with them. The couple is also doing it as part of their research.


11:18 - Tess, a new character and not yet an escort, is the mistress of her married boss. When he can't join her for her birthday, she fucks a guy she meets in a bar.

31:09 - Tess becomes an escort and fucks her first client. She dumps her boss later.

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