Palang Tod (TV Series) (2020)
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 21 min | Year: 2020 |  India

Palang Tod is an erotic web series which tells different stories, most of them spanning several episodes.

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Cheating Notes

Each story is erotic in varying degrees and worth checking out. If I had to choose my favorite ones, I'd say it's Anniversary Gift and Beta Aashiq, Baap Ayyash.

S1.E5,  S1.E6 ∙ Caretaker

A sensuous female physiotherapist is hired as a caretaker by a guy to heal the prolonged pain of the guy's elderly father. She bangs both the son and his dad. Meanwhile, the son's wife also fucks her father-in-law, one reason is because her husband is depriving her of sex.

S1.E9, etc. ∙ Gaon Ki Garmi

Gaon Ki Garmi: Season 1

A city boy is stunned by his uncle and aunt's steamy love moments that surprisingly brew in a humble village. Forlorn by the touch of a lover the boy plans to calm her aunt's disgruntle from her husband.

Watch Gaon Ki Garmi: Season 1

Gaon Ki Garmi: Season 2

Maami was troubled by the cold relationship with her husband. Her life in the province was filled with new colors when a young couple related to her or her husband, Mansi (wife) and Madan (husband) arrived from the big city. Eventually, she ended up having an affair with a little dash of BDSM with Madan.

Watch Gaon Ki Garmi: Season 2

Gaon Ki Garmi: Season 3

Sonu, a young, charismatic guy, visits his aunt's place and he forlorns the touch of a lover, and so does his aunt, Neha. Sonu is stunned by his aunt's steamy sexuality and the inefficiency of his uncle to satisfy her. Sonu plans to entrap her aunt sexually, but will he get trapped in his own web or will he fulfill all his desires?

Gaon Ki Garmi: Season 4

Sonu and Nisha's honeymoon comes to a halt, when Sonu's aunt, Jhanvi arrives at their house and there arises a spark of affection between Jhanvi and Sonu, which infuriates Nisha.

Watch Gaon Ki Garmi: Season 3 and 4 (both season 3 and season 4 episodes should come out. If not, play with the search keywords)

S1.E11, S1.E12 ∙ Shor

Bored by a not-so-exciting husband, the wife was love lost until a sizzling hot neighbor's husband made her heart skip a beat. The hindrance of their partners was soon resolved and their stars aligned for a steamy loud encounter.

S1.E13, S1.E14 ∙ Aadha Adhura Pyaar

Nandini is exceedingly frustrated with the sexual performance of her husband but she is unaware that her horny younger brother-in-law will soon resolve her hankering. When even her brother-in-law fails to gratify her, he arranges for a third guy to join them for a threesome. (alternate stream)

S1.E17 - S1.E19 ∙ Naye Padosi

Rahul wakes up with a jolt when he hears ghostly sounds from a locked neighborhood, but it's just the new couple who just moved in having a loud romantic session. He gets a chance to bang the sexually frustrated wife when she asks him to repair her laptop. (combined episodes) (alternate stream)

S1.E20, S1.E21 ∙ Sazaa Ya Mazaa

In an attempt to revive a 5-year-old affair, Majnu watches some sizzling videos that irritate his girlfriend Laila. Laila steals his phone and binges two hot videos. In the first video, a chick cheats on her boyfriend by having a threesome with two guys in a bar and fucking a taxi driver in his taxi. (Note: I'm actually not sure about the cheating part, not sure if the chick and the guy she had sex with earlier are still together when she goes to the bar. If you know Hindi, please let me know what happened here in the comments below.)

S1.E23 ∙ Kirayedaar

A husband gets a new tenant to occupy his sister's old room, unaware that his sister is returning to stay with him. As the notorious tenant starts to flirt with the sister, his actual target remains the husband's wife. (alternate stream)

S1.E24 - S1.E26 ∙ Saas Bahu & NRI

When the sounds of the steamy sessions of the newlywed reach the lonesome mother-in-law, she discovers various means to calm herself. The wife's NRI (Non-Resident Indian)  brother acknowledges her need for love, but instead, it's the wife who ends up fulfilling her mother-in-law's sexual needs.

S1.E30 - S1.E32 ∙ Anniversary Gift

Ishika's entry into Ayush's gym kickstarts a sexual affair. But Ishika, who Ayush finds out has a husband, soon blackmails Ayush with a sex video of them together and forces him to be a male whore.  The physical abuse by his love-hungry women clients enrages Ayush to take a drastic step.

(Spoiler) In the end, it turns out that Ishika did all those things so that Ayush would be forced to have sex with her husband, who is actually gay. It's her anniversary gift to her husband. In the final scene, Ishika's husband calls her to thank her for her gift while she is being fucked by another lover in a car.

S1.E44, S1.E45 ∙ Beta Aashiq, Baap Ayyash

Nitya and Riyaan are in a relationship and want to explore the extremes of physical pleasures. Nitya meets Samarth, Riyaan's father, and begins an affair with him. She knows she made a mistake but she can't resist anymore.

S1.E47, etc. ∙ Zaroorat

Zaroorat: Season 1

Kamlesh is paralyzed and Savita is his housekeeper, who takes care of all his needs along with the household chores. Kamlesh accidentally touched her cleavage. Savita, who has an abusive, alcoholic, and jobless husband, decides to treat Kamlesh using her body.

Zaroorat: Season 2

The sweet love story between Savita and Kamlesh gets complicated when Kamlesh's cousin, Umesh stumbles upon the secret relationship between Savita and Kamlesh. Instead of supporting the love life of his cousin, he starts blackmailing Savita. Physically stranded in his wheelchair, poor Kamlesh could do nothing but watch Savita go through this misery.

Watch Zaroorat: Season 1 and 2

S1.E53, etc. ∙ Siskiyaan

Siskiyaan: Season 1

Renu is an unsatisfied wife who explores and finds her sexual liberation not through her husband but through her semi-paralyzed father-in-law and the houseboy. Now, she has to deal with the cacophony that has rocked her world from which her libido won't let her escape.

Siskiyaan: Season 2

Siskiyaan: Season 3

Babuji and Renu's life is hunky dory, until new characters enter the house, posing as Chotu's fake bhaiya and bhabhi, with the intention of robbing the 'Sandook'. Renu has a tinge of doubt and starts investigating the couple and unravels their true identity.

Siskiyaan: Season 4

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