The Golden Bowl (2000)
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R  130 min | Year: 2000 |  United Kingdom United States of America France

Adam Verver, a US billionaire in London, dotes on his daughter Maggie, an innocent abroad. An impecunious Italian, Prince Amerigo, marries her even though her best friend, Charlotte Stant, an alabaster beauty with brains, no money, and a practical and romantic nature, is his lover. She and Amerigo keep it secret from Maggie that they know each other, so Maggie interests her widowed father in Charlotte, who is happy with the match because she wants to be close to Amerigo. Charlotte desires him, the lovers risk discovery, Amerigo longs for Italy, Maggie wants to spare her father pain, and Adam wants to return to America to build a museum. Amidst lies and artifice, what fate awaits adulterers?

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Cheating Notes

Charlotte Stant (Uma Thurman), the stepmother, fucks her son-in-law at 51:00. They kiss a couple of times before that. She is in a white nightgown, which is a bit transparent so you can make out her areola through it if you look really close. Her boob also peeks out a bit when she climbs on top of him on the floor, but the shot is a bit far.

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