Sister-In-Law’s Diary (2019)
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 70 min | Year: 2019 |  South Korea

Gong-woo argues with her younger boyfriend, Gyoo-won, and goes to her sister Yeon-woo's honeymoon home. Yeon-woo's husband, Jeong-hoon, prepares some drinks for the sisters. Gong-woo and Jeong-hoon end up seeing each other in their underwear and after getting drunk, they cross the line...

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Cheating Notes

Note: There are two versions of this film. In the longer version, there's a foursome involving the two couples after they discovered their infidelities. Also, the husband and the wife's younger sister's first sex is in the parking lot of the grocery store while in the shorter version, their first sex will come later, after the wife's younger sister has found out that the wife is shagging her boyfriend. The versions do make a difference as, depending on your preference, you might like the shorter version because the wife remains basically a cheating wife at the end, while in the longer version, the couples' relationships become open.

The wife's younger sister brings her boyfriend to her home to have lunch with the married couple. The wife looks attracted to her sister's boyfriend with the way she steals glances at him during lunch. When she and her husband make out in an empty park after lunch, the boyfriend observes them from a hidden corner. She notices it and looks seductively in the boyfriend's direction while her husband is kissing her.

The younger sister's boyfriend takes an afternoon nap in the married couple's living room. The wife comes in and is tempted to make a move on him while he sleeps, but she isn't ready to cheat on her husband yet and decides against it.

While the wife is doing groceries, her sister and her husband fuck in the car in the parking lot (not included in the shorter version of the film).

After doing her groceries, the wife comes to her sister's boyfriend's place. He opens the door wearing nothing but his briefs as he just came from the shower. She seduces and fucks him.

The wife's sister also goes to her boyfriend's place on the same day and finds the two sleeping together on the bed. She doesn't wake them up but instead goes to her sister's place to have sex with her husband. The wife comes home a little later and it's her turn to find her sister having sex with her husband.

The two sisters seem to be both level-minded and talk about their predicament peacefully. In the longer version of the film, they decide to just exchange partners, and the wife and her sister's ex-boyfriend, now her partner, visit her sister and her husband at their place and have a foursome with them in the living room. In the shorter version, the couples' relationships don't become open in the end and I think the wife remains a cheating wife as she has sex with her sister's boyfriend one more time (which is also shown in the longer version).

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Original / Other Title:  처제의 일기

 Director:  Jeong Jin-ho
 Stars:  Kim Ji-ah, Sae Bom

Genres: Romance

Country:   South Korea
Language:  Korean
Release Date:  20 September 2019

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