The Sweet Pussycats (1969)
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 84 min | Year: 1969 |  Germany

A colonel (Sieghardt Rupp) and an earl (Ernst Stankovski) who live in opposite ends of the same castle bet each other who will be the first to bed their respective new 'virgin' maid. The winner will get ownership of the castle. In order to attain his goal, the colonel ignores his lusty fiancee (Edwige Fenech) but she soon finds a lieutenant (Ivan Nesbitt) to turn her attention to. Eventually, a whole stable of local prostitutes gets in on the act.

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Cheating Notes

Edwige Fenech cheats on her fiance/boyfriend, the colonel, with the young lieutenant, who is the earl's nephew. Her sexy/petting/bed scenes with the lieutenant are at 33:14 (she pretends that someone attempted to rape her outdoors, so she's naked and then she kisses him for saving her), 38:20 (she pets with him in the same room with the colonel, she gets away with it because the colonel thinks that she is tricking him as she did earlier, 52:40 (he kisses her boobs for a bit, thinking she's another woman that he also fancies. she drugged the colonel earlier so that she can get out of their room to meet him), and 54:50 (bed scene, continuation of the previous scene).

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Original / Other Title:  Alle Kätzchen naschen gern, All Kitties Go for Sweeties

 Director:  Jozef Zachar

Genres: Comedy

Country:   Germany
Language:  German, Italian
Release Date:  31 January 1969

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