The Wildgoose Chase (1990)
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 85 min | Year: 1990 |  Hong Kong

Chung, Yam and Koo are working in the same advertising agency. Chung is a philanderer. Yam lives with his girlfriend who is a TV reporter, requiring irregular working hours. Koo’s wife puts a tight leash on his social activities and this makes him feel bored. The trio are going on a business trip to Korea on the expenses of the company. As Yam and Koo both are eager to explore the adventures around the demimonde, Chung admonishes them to withhold themselves from any affection and to pay promptly for the services rendered. In Korea, Yam falls in love with a girl called Bird at first sight. Most of Koo’s encounters end up in trouble for his stinginess. Finally, he hooks up with a secretary from the Korean company. Chung considers their behavior is a violation of the principle of cruising, so he pushes them to stay away from the girls. Back in Hong Kong, Yam still can’t get over with the moments he has shared with Bird. Finally, his girlfriend discovers the fact and leaves him. Koo is shocked to find that the secretary has come to Hong Kong. Finally, when Tam arrives in Korea, he finds that Bird is already engaged. On the other hand, Koo learns that the secretary is about to marry someone in Hong Kong…

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Cheating Notes

At the end part of the film, Koo fucks the secretary just before her wedding day. On the day of her wedding, Koo and his wife are in the park where she has her wedding pictorials with her new husband.

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Original / Other Title:  不文小丈夫,, The Wild Goose Chase

 Director:  Simon Yip

Genres: Comedy

Country:   Hong Kong
Language:  Cantonese
Release Date:  19 December 1990

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