Zwischen heute und morgen (2009) aka Between Today and Tomorrow
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Year: 2009 |  Germany

The 40-year-old translator Anouk happens to meet Heiner, an architect, older than her, in Berlin. The couple plunges into a love affair a few days later. At stake are either their past lives, seemingly firmly established in two marriages, or a shared future that could begin that night. We are following two people who are suddenly faced with the decision to begin a new, possibly more intense and better life together - but at the price of their previous one. But the moment of the most intimate love is fleeting, without duration, yet unprecedentedly intense. After the morning has dawned, Anouk and Heiner part ways. Whether they will see each other again remains open. And yet, the film does not end in melancholy for the two, but with the feeling of having experienced great love for a short time.

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 Director:  Fred Breinersdorfer

Genres: Drama

Country:   Germany
Language:  German
Release Date:  7 May 2009

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