Whim of the Sad Toy Nobuko Teacher (2015)
4 (2)

 88 min | Year: 2015 |  Japan

Shinko, the high school language teacher, attended the school as a beautiful teacher who was serious and thought of as a student. Nobuko, a mother and child family, was brought up by a strict mother who was also a teacher and became a teacher as she was told. Nobuko had learned the tactics that no one disliked, but when his mother got to the floor, he called Telephone Club at night and enjoyed telephone sex! One day, Nobuko begins to treat one of the students as a toy...

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Cheating Notes

We see the teacher hook up and start a relationship with a bespectacled guy, mostly a sexual relationship. A few scenes after that, she also gets into a sexual relationship with one of her students. They do it twice in the clinic and later at her mom's place.

At 50:00, the teacher sneaks her student in to a hotel room (or it could be the guy's place) and lets him secretly watch her lovemaking with her new boyfriend. She gives him a blowjob after her boyfriend leaves.

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Original / Other Title:  悲しき玩具 伸子先生のきまぐれ, Kanashiki Omocha: Nobuko-sensei no Kimagure

 Director:  Hideo Jōjō
 Stars:  Iori Kogawa

Genres: Romance

Country:   Japan
Language:  Japanese
Release Date:  2 September 2015

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