Sex Marathon (2009)
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Sex Marathon (2009)
Sex Marathon (2009)


Sex Marathon consists of 8 sex stories, each with odd situations. Each segment lasts 10 minutes and showcases comedy, erotica, horror and some drama.

1. Her Fragrance – At 28 years old, she’s still a virgin. That’s because she has a heightened sense of smell and finds the normal odors of men, especially their sexual parts, despicable. Then one day, she meets a man who has the same condition and has sex with him. Initially, she can’t stand it and has to put a clothes peg on her nose. But later, she removes it as she sees that he’s putting his best effort to not mind the smell. She finally begins to taste clouds and rain.

2. Scenario Girl – A guy adores an adult movie actress. One day, she appears in his room and begins acting out scenes in a movie script together with him. These involve sex scenes, wherein he is having sex with the actress for real. He is elated. But one scene calls for murder. If the sex is real in the sex scenes, is murder also going to be real in this one?

3. Yakult Auntie – A housewife is suffering from constipation. A Yakult salesman drops by her house and tries to sell to her. But when she tells him about her tummy troubles, the salesmans suggests a more effective kind of “Yakult”, the one that he himself can personally provide.

4. Three Wishes – On her birthday, a wizard appears to Xu Min and gives her three candies. Each candy will grant him a wish when she eats it. Her first wish is for her boyfriend to have a huge dick. She gets her first wish after eating the first candy, but something happens to make her eat the second candy and wish for her boyfriend’s dick to return to its normal size. The third candy is unexpectedly eaten by her boyfriend and he gets to make the third wish. What could it be?

5. Conditions Lover – A guy rents a house and along with it comes a pretty lady who will do not just house services for him, but sexual services as well. So he has sex with her, but what’s strange is she makes him sign some documents several times during their lovemaking. What could those documents be?

6. Dangerous Woman – A woman at a park loudly counts people passing her by. She has sex with the 100th guy who passes her. After sex, he asks her the reason why, and when he finds out, it is his turn to go to the park and start counting up to 100.

7. Eyes – A couple makes love at home. The wife starts hearing a voice and becomes wary that someone might be watching them while they’re having sex.

8. My Friend Hip Shares – A woman can hear the thoughts of her vagina. She starts an affair with a guy from her office. After they have sex, the man starts hearing the thoughts of his penis too.

Details for the movie Sex Marathon (2009)

Other Title: 情色馬拉松 / Ero Subway

Director: Unknown

Starring: Zhao Alkyl, Jindong Xiu, Zhengsu Zhen, Jin Young-hoon, Sunxian Yu

Genre: Asian EroticaComedy

Country: South Korea

Language: Korean

Cheating Scenes in the movie Sex Marathon (2009)

Note: Watched without subtitle.

The girls in this movie are hot and possess natural beauty as opposed to the recent bunch of erotic actresses whose beauties rely more on heavy makeup and surgery. Of the eight stories, only one is about cheating, and this is the segment Yakult Auntie. But do check out all of the segments as they have pretty good sex scenes.

In Yakult Auntie, the wife is seen having tummy problems. She wakes her husband up and I suppose she asks him to get her some medicine from the store. After the husband leaves, the wife calls a friend on the phone. The friend recommends Yakult and gives her the number of a Yakult salesman. She calls the number and pretty soon the Yakult salesman is at her door. The wife doesn’t even bother to change and receives him in her sexy, black nightgown. The salesman is a muscular guy and she bites her lips upon seeing him, indicating she finds him physically attractive. He demonstrates how to drink Yakult on her couch. She then tells him something, I’m not sure what it is, either she’s talking about the special Yakult recommended by her friend on the phone, or she’s talking about her tummy trouble and it’s the guy who introduces to her the special kind of Yakult that will take care of it. Any which way, in the next scene, they are suddenly fucking. He kisses her body all over, then fucks her doggy style on the floor. He comes and it looks like he is able to inject his special Yakult inside her.

In the next scene, the wife is seen getting out of the toilet room and seemingly happy that her tummy trouble is gone. It looks like the guy’s special Yakult cured her. Then she takes a normal Yakult from the refrigerator and drinks it. Her husband comes home and he looks agitated. When he tells her his dilemma on their couch, she drops the bottle of Yakult. I wonder what he said, it must be something related to the guy who administered sperm-flavored Yakult to his wife.

Sex Marathon (2009) - screenshots
Sex Marathon (2009) – screenshots

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