Final Victory (1987)


Shy and timid Hung (Eric Tsang) is asked by his jailbird brother (Tsui Hark) to look after his mistress (Loletta Lee) and his unsuspecting wife (Margaret Lee). Chaos and many hilarious situations arise when Hung is caught between the two women.

Hold You Tight (1998)

May 19, 2020

Jie is a Taiwanese immigrant in Hong Kong who is drawn to awkward newlywed Wai (Sunny Chan). Jie is unable to become closer to Wai, but instead enters into a torrid affair with Wai’s new bride (Chingmy Yau), who is not long for the world, and her departure leaves Wai shattered. He enters into a friendship with an openly gay real estate salesman (Eric Tsang), who also harbors feelings for Wai. Meanwhile, Jie returns to […]