School of Erotic Enjoyment (1971)


The plot here involves a male and female member of the long-haired campus “counterculture” having a “contest” to try to seduce their young professor and his wife. Their plan goes horribly awry though because the wife turns to be a sex-crazed bisexual swinger, and the female student (Malissa Longo) ends up falling for the professor.

Prickly Problems (1974)


Gilles, who operates a money-losing garage, teams up with his friends Max, who operates a scrap yard, and lawyer Xavier to open a brothel catering to women. They get the idea from Gilles’ secretary Irma, a former prostitute. They are assisted in the implementation by Max’s wife Juliette and Sabine who is mad for Gilles. Unfortunately, Gilles has fallen for Florence, the daughter of the conservative Prime Minister. When the Prime Minister tries to shut down the brothel Gilles decides to stand against him in the election.

The Ribald Decameron (1972)

August 26, 2020

In the Middle Ages, the intrepid Cecco earns eating in taverns and squares as a novelist. His specialty is to re-read the Decameron of Boccaccio, narrating the stories most erotic and licentious, whose theme loves of nuns and friars, and rich women who want to fool their old husbands with bold boys.