Prickly Problems (1974)
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 84 min | Year: 1974 |  Belgium France Italy

Gilles, who operates a money-losing garage, teams up with his friends Max, who operates a scrap yard, and lawyer Xavier to open a brothel catering to women. They get the idea from Gilles' secretary Irma, a former prostitute. They are assisted in the implementation by Max's wife Juliette and Sabine who is mad for Gilles. Unfortunately, Gilles has fallen for Florence, the daughter of the conservative Prime Minister. When the Prime Minister tries to shut down the brothel Gilles decides to stand against him in the election.

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Cheating Notes

1:03:45, Gilles with Max's wife Juliette. They are interrupted when Max enters the room so Gilles has to hide under the bed while the couple makes love.

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Original / Other Title:  Q, Au plaisir des dames, Clockwork Bananas

 Director:  Jean-François Davy

Genres: Comedy

Country:   Belgium France Italy
Language:  French
Release Date:  9 August 1974

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