A Menina e o Cavalo (1985)


Marcia, a nymphomaniac girl postpones the marriage with her fiance, Beto, because they have some problems and goes to the family farm with him to have a rest. There, her young and sexy stepmother is attracted to the boy, seduces and has sex with him. Meanwhile, she reunites with the stable boy, Juka, her childhood friend, and Ariscu, the horse from her childhood. She begins to live sensual moments with both Juka and the horse: […]

Promiscuidade, os Pivetes de Kátia (1984)


A young woman cheats on her impotent husband with the surrounding teenagers. Mauro, a young railway engineer and happily married to beautiful Kátia, lives in complete harmony with his father-in-law, Sergio, Kátia’s brother, Beto, Paulo’s wife, Adriana, and Beto’s girlfriend, Kika. On one of the family’s trips to the railway terminal, Mauro suffers a violent fall and falls into a coma. Hurriedly taken to the hospital, he recovered, however, due to the severity of the […]