Beauty in Rope Hell (1983)
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Beauty in Rope Hell (1983)


A mailman becomes obsessed with a pretty, young wife. He captures the woman, tortures her and keeps her in his basement dungeon where she becomes his private sex toy.

Details for the movie Beauty in Rope Hell (1983)

Other Title: Dan Oniroku: Bijo nawa jigoku

Director: Genji Nakamura

Starring:  Miki Takakura, Maya Itô, Daisuke Iijima

Genre: Pinku

Country: Japan

Rape turned Willing Scenes in the movie Beauty in Rope Hell (1983)

While asking for her hand in marriage, Mitsuko’s fiance receives news that he is drafted into the army and has to be sent off to war. I did not see the wedding ceremony but the description says she’s a wife so they must have wed just before he went. Also, later in the film, she called him her husband.

With her husband in the battlefield, Mitsuko is kidnapped by a mailman named Kazu one day. Kazu has been fancying her for some time. He brings her in his remote house in the woods and locks her up there.

In Mitsuko’s first night of captivity, Kazu tries to feed her but she refuses to eat and tries to escape instead. Kazu runs after her and when he corners her, he rips her clothes off and is able to taste her breasts a little bit. But she is so resistant so he stops trying to rape her for now and locks her up in his attic.

The next night, Kazu prepares a bath for Mitsuko so that she can bathe herself. He comes out of the room but then enters a little later while Mitsuko is fully naked and is in the middle of her bath. He offers to rinse her off. Of course, she refuses. He starts rubbing her body with the sponge but Mitsuko starts resisting him. He hugs her from behind and tries to kiss her. She pushes him away and runs naked across the house. When he catches her, he starts raping her. He licks her pussy, her breasts, and her face. After a while, Mitsuko stops screaming loudly and she even starts moaning a little when Kazu starts pounding her. She may have stopped resisting and felt a little ecstasy but nevertheless, it still looks like rape.

Mitsuko tries to escape a few times and even tries to kill Kazu one time and nearly kills him.

Mitsuko receives a letter

Kazu brings Mitsuko a letter for her. The letter informs her that her husband died in the war. She cries and tells Kazu that she is dead too, like her husband. She tells him that she won’t try to escape from now on. Then, she lets him fuck her without resisting violently, aka not rape. It isn’t entirely consensual though because it turns out that she is just trying to gain Kazu’s confidence so that she can escape later.

Everyone lusts for Mitsuko

A guy from the village comes to Kazu’s house to do business with him. Mitsuko places a note somewhere where the guy can find it, telling him that she’s been kidnapped. Unfortunately, the guy also has the hots for her, calling her the prettiest girl in the village. He tells Kazu that he won’t tell the authorities about his kidnapping provided he will let him see Mitsuko. Kazu reluctantly brings the guy to the attic, where Mitsuko is. The guy kicks Kazu out of the attic and starts raping Mitsuko. After hesitating for a while, Kazu steps in and kills the guy before he was able to successfully rape Mitsuko.

Consensual Sex

In their final sex scene, it seems that Mitsuko has completely given in to her abductor and is giving him real consensual sex. She moans loudly and is enjoying their sex full time until they are interrupted by Kazu’s jealous, prostitute girlfriend.


Great erotic sex scenes involving Mitsuko. She is hot with a nice body and milky white skin. Give this one a go.


Beauty in Rope Hell (1983) - screenshots
Beauty in Rope Hell (1983) – screenshots

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