A Change of Seasons (1980)
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A middle-aged university professor (Anthony Hopkins) starts an affair with a hot blonde student (Bo Derek). His wife (Shirley MacLaine) finds out and has taken a lover for herself as revenge. He announces that he is going to their country home for some skiing with his lover. The wife suggest that she and her lover will go too, and the four set off for an awkward time in the snow.

Details for the movie A Change of Seasons (1980)

Director: Richard Lang

Starring: Shirley MacLaine, Anthony Hopkins, Bo Derek

Genre: ComedyDrama

Country: USA

Cheating Scenes in A Change of Seasons (1980)

Hot blonde Bo Derek provides some nudity in this film. That’s good enough in my book.

The husband Adam Evans admits to his wife Karyn (Shirley MacLaine) that he is having an affair with his student named Lindsey Rutledge (Bo Derek). So when a young woodworker named Pete comes into their house to do some bookcase one day, Karyn is already set on getting a revenge and tells Pete if he would like to go to bed with her. Pete says sure without hesitation.

Husband comes home one day and catches the woodworker and his wife in an intimate position, with the woodworker wearing only a robe and his wife wearing an oversized shirt and panties. The wife greets him happily like there’s nothing wrong in the current picture. She tells him that he should just look at it this way: that she’s made a new friend. When the husband tells her to return the oversized shirt to the woodworker, she starts to unbutton it right in front of them and the husband has to tell her to do it inside the bathroom.

In light of the current situation, the wife suggests to her husband that they should take a vacation in their country home together with both of their lovers. After some ego clash and reverse psychology between them, they agree to do it.

The four drive to the country home in two separate vehicles, with the husband together with his lover and the wife with hers. There’s a contrast in attitude as the wife and the woodworker are having a lot of fun while driving, while the husband and his girlfriend are not, because of the bruised ego of the husband. At their country home, the wife and her boyfriend take the guest room while the husband and his girlfriend take the couple’s daughter’s room.

While in their room, the wife tells her lover that she can’t do it with him knowing that her husband is downstairs sleeping with another woman. So her lover takes her in his mobile cabin outside and probably screws her there (not shown).

While skiing, two young guys try to hit on the husband’s girlfriend. Well you can’t blame them, it’s Bo Derek. During nighttime at a dance club, the same two guys become rowdy and try to take her away from the husband while they’re dancing. A fight ensues and the wife’s lover saves the husband. The wife and her lover have sex after.

The couple’s daughter, Kasey arrives in the country home. She is surprised to find her father and his lover in her bed. Then she gets confused when she sees that  her mother is also there. She asks her father if his idea is to make her mother watch while he is banging his chick and calls him a pervert. But when her mother’s lover comes down, she is more shocked than before. Both lovers take a walk so that the family can talk it out.

The husband’s girlfriend’s dad joins in the fray. He asks the husband what’s going on, that it seems he’s openly cheating on his wife and mistakenly refers to the wife’s lover as Kasey’s. Husband corrects him that he is not his daughter’s lover, and wife quickly interjects that “He’s mine!”

The daughter’s boyfriend joins in the fray. He tells her mom she has a nice family. Daughter says it’s nobody’s family and tells him “Lindsey there is sleeping with my father, Pete is sleeping with my mother.”

The wife’s lover leaves. Lindsey’s dad becomes attracted to the wife and dates him. Husband sees it and becomes jealous. Lindsey tells him he’s worried now because Pete wasn’t a threat but that her father is, because he’s “a man” (and also rich). She also accuses him that he never really intends to leave his wife and that Lindsey is just a fling. Husband says he likes sharing. She retorts if you love sharing then think about this: “You’re going to love sharing your wife with my father.” She then leaves him.

The wife sees Lindsey leaving her husband from inside the restaurant. She stands up to go to him, but changes her mind and returns to the table with Lindsey’s dad. Poor husband.


A Change of Seasons (1980)
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