Dingding lang ang Pagitan (1986) (aka Just a Wall in Between)


Orlando lets his mistress Jennifer rent a room at their house, pretending in front of his wife Minerva that he doesn’t know her. Whenever Minerva is not around, he makes love to her and eventually impregnates her. One day, Minerva comes home too early and catches them in the act. When her anger subsides, she lets Jennifer stay because she knows how much Orlando wanted a child which she cannot give to him. In a […]

Madame Aema 3


Prof. Noh, a professor of engineering, developed an obsession with sex due to his enormous amount of research and the sex he experienced at parties during his studies abroad. Subsequently, his sex life with his wife, Ae-ma, is not satisfactory. Ae-ma looks into hospitals to help her husband. But Ae-ma witnesses her husband having an affair and becomes disheartened. She meets a professional wrestler who looks like her first love and they get involved. Ae-ma […]

Apartment Wife: Afternoon Bliss


About a couple and the wife’s younger sister who live in a housing complex. Because the wife suspects that something’s going on between her husband and her sister, she is lured into sinful temptation. Kiyoshi Kikuchi, his wife Chizuko, and Chizuko’s sister Setsuko live together in a housing complex. Setsuko gets along well with Chizuko because she is just like Kiyoshi. One day, Mrs. Abe, Chizuko’s neighbor, tells her that something is going on between […]

Wife of Former CA is Erotic (aka Former Flight Attendant: Haneda Riko)


After quitting her job as a stewardess, Haneda, who has been married for four years, finds out that her husband is having an affair. Haneda, who gets depressed, goes to a massage shop where her former boss is now working as a masseur. Haneda responds to the man’s touch because she has not had sex with her husband for a long time. Eventually, I will have a relationship with my former boss, Kamioka. Haneda, who […]