No One (2017)
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No One
 96 min | Year: 2017 |  Bulgaria

Vera is a young psychologist who visits her father's cottage in the mountains after he passes away. Her boyfriend Tony surprisingly arrives together with her best friend Tanya, they have a secret affair and they are about to confess to Vera. Meanwhile Niki and Lily appear out of the blue. Niki is a wealthy man who has bought all of the properties but Vera's land. However, he wants to buy it at any price. Vera expects support and compassion but over the following days, her seemingly settled life will shatter, with surprising consequences.. .

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Cheating Notes

Vera bangs Niki, an older landowner who is interested in her deceased father's land when she finds out that her boyfriend Tony is cheating on her with her best friend Tanya.

01:13 - Tony and Tanya fuck on the grass while they're on their way to Vera's father's cottage.

1:01:41 - Lily, Niki's girlfriend, seduces Tanya while they are watching a movie and they have lesbian sex. Nude.

1:27:28 - Vera fucks Niki beside a bonfire. She already knows at this point that her boyfriend Tony and her best friend Tanya are cheating on her.

NoOne (2017) from Andrey Andonov on Vimeo.

Original / Other Title:  Никой

 Director:  Andrey Andonov

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Romance

Country:   Bulgaria
Language:  Bulgarian
Release Date:  15 August 2017

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