Bus to Italy (2005)
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 89 min | Year: 2005 |  Sweden

Choir leader Ylva and her choir are on a bus bound for Italy. Some of the members on the bus are looking forward to meeting the local mayor, others are just hoping for a free vacation, and yet a few more are still thinking that they're headed to Italy to sing. Common to them all is that they are more than happy to jump on this chance to escape their every day lives. Ylva too is one them. She wants to get away as soon as possible because she caught her husband in bed with the babysitter. She'll find that two boys, Erik and Ruben, who join the choir to get a free trip to Italy, are more than willing to offer her an adventure. The rest is made up of a sex-crowded pair, the couple who have not been with each other for years, the divorced woman who long for a man and the lesbian who did not dare come out.

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Cheating Notes

Choir leader Ylva, who caught her husband banging the babysitter (5:10), leads her church choir on a field trip to Italy via bus.

Ylva gets naked in a shower scene at 28:05.

Two boys has joined the choir to get a free Italy trip. Ylva bangs one of the boys, the long-haired one, in his hotel room when she can't enter her room because her roommate is out (45:40).

The other boy gets pissed when the long-haired boy brags to him about banging Ylva so he forces himself on Ylva, but she rejects him violently (1:01:00).



Original / Other Title:  Buss till Italien

 Director:  Daniel Lind Lagerlöf

Genres: Drama

Country:   Sweden
Language:  English, Italian, svenska
Release Date:  15 December 2005

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