Room 213 (2008)
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Room 213
 91 min | Year: 2008 |  Philippines

The story follows the endangered relationship of an architect and his wife, a photographer. After being married for 10 years, they have lost all emotional connections with each other. However,they both still want to save their marriage so they resort to extreme measures to revive their attraction for one another and rekindle their dying passions. They experiment with other partners and what happens is a matter of exchanging partners that resorts into an explosive climax of uncontrolled carnal desires.

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Cheating Notes

22:51 - The wife starts petting with her husband's mistress. They have implied sex.

32:20 - The wife has a BDSM session with her husband, with her as the master.

39:00 - The wife surprises her blindfolded husband with a threesome with a mystery woman, but he leaves the room.

45:19 - The husband starts making love to his blindfolded wife, then he lets another guy switch places with him and lets him fuck his wife. After sex, the wife cries upon finding out and slaps her husband when he asks her if it isn't what she wants.

58:28 - The guy who fucked the wife, called the accomplice in the end credits, introduces himself to her while her husband is on a business trip. She shows her disgust towards him, but he's persistent and keeps on coming back.

1:03:50 - The wife gives the accomplice a BDSM session. No sex, just physical punishments for him.

1:04:55 - The husband's mistress and the accomplice have sex.

1:14:43 - The wife relates to the accomplice that she cheated on her husband on their fourth marriage anniversary. We see a brief flashback of that, where she and the guy were hugging naked in a falls. This could be the same guy she fucked on a boat in another flashback scene at 51:11, but I'm not so sure.

1:18:10 - The wife has a threesome with her husband's mistress and the accomplice. Her husband comes home and finds the three of them naked in bed post-coital.

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