Escort Boys (TV Series) (2023)
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Escort Boys
 40 min | Year: 2023 |  France

In Camargue, four guys in dire straits turn to escorting to save their childhood beekeeping estate. Coached by the one of the guys' little sister, Charly, who manages this unique 'business' in the region, they will have to service women and, through their desires... learn to be men of today.

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Cheating Notes

Episode 1

15:15 - Ben is seduced by a woman he's trying to sell honey to. She licks honey from her finger and sucks it seductively in front of him. They have sex. He gets paid after and realizes that the woman paid her for sex, expecting that he's an escort, and not for honey. No indication if she's married.

Episode 2

36:00 - Ben fucks Romane, his ex-fiancee, in a wine cellar while her husband is hosting a dessert-tasting session in the couple's restaurant upstairs. Ben's date for the night, a female client, comes down to the wine cellar and sees them in the act.

Episode 4

34:04- Ben fucks Romane in a bathroom during a party attended by rich folks/investors. Her husband and a rich woman named Olga enter the bathroom and talk in front of the bathroom sink. They don't catch the two because they're inside one of the cubicles.

Episode 5

8:39 - Ben gets buttfucked by Olga, with a dildo I guess. She has a wife whom she seems to inform on the phone that she's banging a guy.

19:23, 22:09 - One of the four escorts bangs a wife in front of her husband. She sucks him first beside the pool then rides him on the bed. (source)

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