Lover Boy (1989) – Australia
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Lover Boy (1989)
Mick making out with Rhonda while her boyfriend is passed out drunk inside the house


Explores the conflicting worlds of a teenager and a mature woman as they discover the full force of their sexuality.

Details for the movie Lover Boy (1989)

Director: Geoffrey Wright

Starring: Noah Taylor, Gillian Jones, Ben Mendelsohn

Genre: Drama

Country: Australia

Cheating Scenes in Lover Boy (1989)

The main character, Mick, screws the 42-year-old Sally (not really fap material for me) and makes out with his friend who is around his age, Rhonda (young and pretty, not bad). Rhonda also happens to be the girlfriend of their common friend, Gazza.

Mick screws his mom’s friend Sally

Mick screws his mom’s friend Sally who lives in the same neighborhood. I’m not sure if this can be considered cheating since she is temporarily separated from her husband when he screws her. But the husband does get mad when they get back together and he finds out about Mick.

Sally visits Mick’s mom at their house. Mick’s mom tells Mick that he should mow Sally’s lawn. So Mick comes to Sally’s house to do that. She feeds him after, and later in the night, they have a drink. She dances in front of him while he is lying on her couch.

When Mick is about to leave, he gives Sally a kiss on the cheek. But based on her body language, it seems she wants more than that, so Mick kisses her again but on the lips this time. They make out and have sex.

One day, Sally’s husband comes back and wants to be with her again. Sally accepts him and tells Mick that it is over between them. One morning, Sally’s husband finds out about Mick through a card that Mick gave Sally before. They argue and physically hurt each other.

Mick makes out with his friend’s girlfriend, Rhonda
Mick with Rhonda
Mick with Rhonda

Mick has a core group of friends; Gazza, Rhonda, and Duck. Rhonda is the girlfriend of Gazza, but it seems that she is also attracted to Mick. When Mick is telling them about his exploits with Sally, Rhonda is looking at him seductively and she puts her finger in her mouth, suggesting she finds his story erotic. It seems that Mick has become more attractive to her eyes because he is able to bed an older woman.

During a party, Rhonda is very touchy with Mick when the two of them are talking just outside the house. She caresses his leg, then she puts her arm around his and caresses it too. But, it could be just Rhonda being sweet to a dear friend.

The two go inside the house and find Gazza having a drinking contest with another guy. Gazza wins and makes out with the girl beside him. This upsets Rhonda so she goes out to the backyard and helps herself to the food in the table there. Mick follows her. He takes her into his arms and dances with her. He puts his arms around her waist and she puts hers around his neck. Then they make out. After several seconds, Rhonda pulls away from Mick and gets back inside the house to wake her boyfriend who passed out from drinking.

Lover Boy (1989)
Mick making out with Rhonda while her boyfriend is passed out drunk inside the house


The wife is not hot. She’s old, has tiny, saggy breasts and bad skin. She may have a nice smile but that’s it. Rhonda is pretty and young, and it’s nice that we see her in a little make-out session with Mick.

Lover Boy (1989) – Australia - screenshots
Lover Boy (1989) – Australia – screenshots

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