A Haunted Turkish Bathhouse (1975)
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 82 min | Year: 1975 |  Japan

A Haunted Turkish Bathhouse is 90 minutes of boobs, violence, supernatural horror that isn’t scary, funky score, occasional apocalyptic sunsets, and bloody cat attacks. It’s a fun film and never boring, but it isn’t quite as far-out as one would wish, especially when compared to the amazing Wolfguy. Consider it Yamaguchi’s House-lite, Toei Porno style.

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Cheating Notes

The wife of the Turkish Bathhouse's president/owner cheats on him with the bathhouse's manager.

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Categories: Asia, Pinku, Cheating, Cheating Wife

Original / Other Title:  怪猫トルコ風呂

 Director:  Kazuhiko Yamaguchi

Country:   Japan
Language:  Japanese
Release Date:  29 January 1975

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