À nos amours (1983)
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 102 min | Year: 1983 |  France

Suzanne is sixteen and is having sex with many boys, just for fun, but did not manage to really love one of them. Her family does not understand her. The father does not like her behavior. When he leaves home, the mother becomes a little bit neurotic. And Suzanne's brother Robert begins to beat her as a punishment.

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Cheating Notes

Near the beginning, Suzanne cheats on her boyfriend Luc with an American sailor. She and Luc break up and she becomes more promiscuous after that. At the last 20 minutes of the film, Suzanne, now married to Jean-Pierre, flirts with Michel at a party. She lets his hand rest on her thigh at the dining table, with her husband sitting just beside her.

Original / Other Title:  À nos amours

 Director:  Maurice Pialat

Genres: Drama, Romance

Country:   France
Language:  English, French
Release Date:  16 November 1983

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