A Vida Como Ela É… (TV Series) (1996)
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 10 min | Year: 1996 |  Brazil

Adaptations of 40 short stories of Brazilian playwright Nelson Rodrigues, written between 1951 and 1961. The stories were considered scandalous at the time as Rodrigues used immoral characters and black humor to satirize the hypocrisy and repression in people's daily lives.

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Cheating Notes

S01 E09 - Casal de Três

Filadelfo (Guilherme Fontes) was tired of being mistreated by his wife Jupira (Malu Mader), but when she begins to treat him with respect, he suspects.


S01 E13 - Uma Senhora Honesta

A wife lusts for her neighbor's rugged, construction-worker-type husband.

S01 E14 - Covardia

No woman would have the courage to betray a husband like Marcondes. The problem is that Marcondes had a small defect, and that could change everything, as you will see in today's story: cowardice.


S01 E21 - O Pediatra

Menezes only likes women considered "respectable" and "hard to get". His main goal is a pediatrician's wife, a very serious and respectable lady.


S01 E23 - Vontade de Amar

Etelvino only has eyes for Iracema, the love of his life. When he hears her marriage is not going well, he decides to tell her how he feels.


S01 E25 - Futura Sogra

The son, who wanted to get married, heard from his father: “the important thing in marriage is not the woman, but the mother-in-law”, and then “you have to betray in order not to be betrayed, if the father-in-law is faithful, this is a bad sign.” And finally days later, when the son heard that the girl he had chosen was either going to cheat on him or was already cheating on him, he couldn't stand it and left home. But behind these words, there was more than his sensitivity could capture at that moment.


S01 E28 - Futura Sogra

Geraldo is really into Jandira since they started going out, until he notices she's wearing an engagement ring.

S01 E28 - Curiosa


S01 E35 - A Dama do Lotação

Lurdinha suspects her fiance is pushing her into the arms of his boss, in order to get a promotion in the firm.

S01 E37 - A Dama do Lotação

A wife has sex with strangers she picks up on crowded buses.

S01 E38 - O Padrinho

A guy bangs his best friend's fiancee and afterward, he becomes a godfather at their wedding.

S01 E39 - Pacto de Amor e Morte

Jorge confesses to Vera he's in love with her. She loves him back but they'd rather die than betray Aristóbulo, Vera's husband and Jorge's best friend.

S01 E40 - A Grande Mulher

Nilson thinks he has the perfect marriage until he hears his wife whisper another man's name in her sleep.

 Director:  Daniel Filho
 Stars:  José Wilker

Genres: Drama, Comedy

Country:   Brazil
Language:  Portuguese
Release Date:  31 March 1996

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