Agáva (2015)
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 91 min | Year: 2015 |  Slovakia

A small border town in the south of Slovakia is surprised by the sudden arrival of respected builder Mr. Hampl and his young wife Nada. She catches the eye of an equally young local teacher, Daniel, who is still recovering from his military experience in The Second World War. At first, Nada tries to resist Daniel's charm but her decision is complicated by the scent of flowering agave in the hot summer air. When the agave after 30 years of sleep finally blooms, Nada's primary decision not to give in is permanently void... A simple love story on the surface opens into to a deep, psychological study set in the hot summer of 1947. The Second World War has just ended and the Communist coup is waiting in the wings to wipe nearly a whole generation of Slovak intelligentsia from the history.

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Cheating Notes

8:16 - Monica(?) a younger character, has sex with her equally young boyfriend (?) on the grass.

40:07 - Monica has sex with an older guy in the same spot. Is she cheating on her boyfriend?

52:08 - The respected builder's wife kisses the young local teacher against a tree one night while a music show goes on.

54:48 - The wife comes to the teacher's place. He hugs and kisses her from behind, but she isn't ready to fuck him yet.

1:00:25 - The husband is mad, argues with his wife, and tries to drown her in the bathtub but stops when he returns to his senses.  Is he mad because of what he's hearing about her and the teacher?

1:04:35 - The wife is ready to fuck the teacher, possibly because her husband tried to drown her. She returns to the teacher's place and does exactly that.

1:18:45 - Seduction scene between the husband and wife. She goes on top of the dining table on all fours, rubs some honey on her lips and kisses her husband.

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