Black Venus (1983)
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Black Venus
R  95 min | Year: 1983 |  Spain United States of America

A wealthy European art collector visits a brothel run by a high-class madam (Mandy Rice-Davies). There he encounters a black prostitute "Venus" (Jacqueline Jones), who is working in a room tastefully decorated to resemble the antebellum American South. He remembers that he met this girl before when years earlier he introduced her to a talented but starving artist. The collector then imagines events "as they might have happened" where the beautiful prostitute becomes a muse for the artist, inspiring a sculpture he calls "Black Venus". But the artist is ashamed he can't support his new love financially, so they break up, he descends into alcoholism, while she shacks up with a wealthy woman (Karin Schubert) whose husband is away. When the husband returns, he takes umbrage at his wife's sapphic relationship and takes, uh, revenge by forcing his own teenage mistress (Florence Guerin) on the black woman. The wife finds out, and both the black woman and the teenage mistress are kicked out of the house and end up in the brothel. The film then returns to the "present day" as the collector decides to "collect" the black woman, the teenager, AND the sculpture and take them all to scenic Spain (where they can frolic naked in the surf and comb each other's pubic hair). But the now-deranged artist is in hot pursuit. . .

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Cheating Notes

39:30 Rich, white wife's sex with the black beauty. Sometime after that, the black woman has sex with the husband's young mistress.

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