Blueberry Fields (2016)
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 84 min | Year: 2016 |  Russia

After a chance meeting with a girl, a nameless boy becomes her lover and guardian angel. Together they avenge the girl’s rape, fleeing into the woods in an attempt to escape the modern world and civilization. They commit more crimes, killing encountered people at random, until the third character comes into the story, changing the dynamic of the lovers’ relationship. It’s an emotional story of passion, violence and the impossibility of running away from oneself.

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Cheating Notes

The young couple kills the cabin owner in the woods and when a group of men with guns come to also escape from their crimes in the big city, they kill them too, except for one, which we will call the intruder. The boyfriend wants to kill the intruder along with the rest but his girlfriend doesn't want to because he saved her life when his other companion tried to shoot her.

The intruder, who seems to be a real-deal badboy thug back in the city, starts out from the bottom position: an injured, submissive prisoner whom the boyfriend humiliates plenty of times. He makes him wear a mask made from animal bones, leads him around with a leash while making him carry firewood, feeds him on the ground like a dog, etc.

As the intruder recovers from his injury, the girlfriend starts treating him better and after some time, her boyfriend starts getting jealous because she's been talking more to the intruder than to him.

One day, the boyfriend shoots the intruder in the leg after arguing with his girlfriend and storms out. While he is out, his girlfriend makes love to the intruder (47:52), and when he returns, he finds the two sleeping beside each other. He tries to shoot the intruder while he is asleep but he couldn't do it, displaying his beta cuckness and spelling more trouble for him. He instead lies beside his girlfriend, with the intruder on her other side. She turns towards him and hugs him but also holds the intruder's cock in her hand after a while.

The intruder, now fully recovered and starting to act like the dominant one, plays with the girlfriend and even pretend-fucks her in front of her boyfriend while the latter is doing his firewood chores.

The girlfriend apologizes to her boyfriend and starts making love to him. But the intruder inserts himself in their lovemaking, making it a threesome. She tells her boyfriend not to stop it, that it's ok. While she works down on the bottom of the two, unclear whose cock she's sucking (probably the intruder's), the intruder, in a display of dominance, tells the boyfriend how small his head is and how he could crush it with his fingers. The boyfriend can't take it anymore, gets up, goes to the attic and wallows in defeat. After a while, he peeks at the two making love through gaps on the attic floor. He then runs outside and bangs on an aluminum basin to make some noise and disrupt the two. The intruder comes out, puts the basin over the boyfriend's body and bangs on it.

The intruder makes out with the girlfriend in front of her boyfriend just before she goes to the woods to get some water. He then confronts the boyfriend inside the cabin, asking him what was that shit he pulled yesterday. Their argument gets heated up, which ends up with the intruder forcefully fucking the boyfriend in the butt!! This completes his total dominance over him.

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Original / Other Title:  Дачники, Blueberry Fields Forever, bFF

 Director:  Alexandr Vartanov

Genres: Drama, Romance

Country:   Russia
Language:  Russian
Release Date:  17 October 2016

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