Brief Crossing (2001)
4 (5)

 80 min | Year: 2001 |  France

A young French man and an older, married English woman spend one night together on a ship.

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Cheating Notes

57:57 Wife finally fucks the young guy. Note that she's telling him that she has already split up from her husband, but it seems that she's just lying to him because her husband and her son are going to meet her later when she arrives at the port at the end of the film.

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Original / Other Title:  Brève traversée

 Director:  Catherine Breillat

Genres: Drama, Romance

Country:   France
Language:  English, French
Release Date:  6 March 2001

1 Comment

  1. I love the ending. I love movies like this where the wife cheats without any reluctance nor remorse (I also do like reluctant wife slowly but surely seduced by a lover too) because she just likes fucking… despite being happy with her husband and having children. (I.e. Gwyneth Paltrow’s character in the Contagion)

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