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 104 min | Year: 2022 |  Philippines

Dado and Estrella are a couple who works together as sex workers. Usually, Dado serves as Estrella's driver when she goes to her clients but when necessary, also joins in if the client's request requires more than a twosome. Eventually, they want to start a family and quit their jobs. But when they meet Baby, another escort whom they save from a violent client, and let her stay at their place, their relationship turns shaky as Dado succumbs to Baby's seduction and begins an affair with her.

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Cheating Notes

Some hot scenes/highlights:

  • Dado and Estrella performing for a young, handsome client and then the client switching with Dado in fucking Estrella.
  • Estrella roleplaying with a client who wants her to act like she's an ex-girlfriend who cheated on him and is now begging him to accept her again.
  • Baby's seduction of Dado when the couple lets her stay at their house after saving her from a violent client (she's an escort, too). It's her mischievous smile that adds to the hotness. Also, the way she's nice to Estrella when in front of her, but wasting no time in seducing Dado when Estrella's back is turned. She also masturbates while thinking of Dado.
  • Baby succesfully seducing Dado on the night that the couple has an argument. They fuck two times (car and bathroom).
  • Baby silently entering the room of the couple while they're having sex, observing them first, and then suddenly voicing out and asking them if she can join, which shocks the couple, and then telling them that she's just kidding.
  • The threesome of the three main characters in front of a big client.




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