Burning Hearts (2022)
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 117 min | Year: 2022 |  Italy

Puglia. Burnt by the sun and by hatred, the promontory of Gargano is contested by criminals who seem to come from a remote past governed by the law of the jungle. An archaic land reminiscent of the Far West, in which blood is washed away with blood. An old feud between two rival families is rekindled by a forbidden love: the one between Andrea, reluctant heir of the Malatesta, and Marilena, beautiful wife of the boss of the Camporeale clan. A fatal passion that sets the two clans at war again. But Marilena, banished by the Camporeale and prisoner of the Malatesta, disputed and abused, will oppose a fate already written with a mother’s strength.

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Cheating Notes

Encouraged by the Camporeale boss' wife's faint smile, the young heir of the Malatesta crime family enters the dressing room she's in inside a clothes shop (13:46). She resists him but agrees to meet him later.

The two meet and fuck, first beside a lake (18:44), and then inside a cabin (21:30).

Original / Other Title:  Ti mangio il cuore

 Director:  Pippo Mezzapesa

Genres: Drama, Romance

Country:   Italy
Language:  Italian
Release Date:  22 September 2022

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