Diary of a Mad Housewife

R  95 min | Year: 1970 |  United States of America

I, Tina Balser, Housewife, Did Not Do My Chores Today. I Did...Something Else!

Tina Balser is a bored New York housewife-mother married to Jonathan, a pompous, social-climbing lawyer who ridicules her in front of their children, criticizing everything she does or wears. She begins an affair with George Prager, a dashing, successful and blatantly sadistic writer.

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Cheating Notes

Seduction scene at 39:06. The writer takes the wife's hand and puts it on his dick while they are at a party. Her husband is there and is even proud that she is talking to the writer, but he didn't see what the writer did.

First cheating scene at 53:45. The wife goes to the writer's place and they fuck.

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