Die Haut der Anderen (2018) aka The Skin of Others

The Skin of Others
 113 min | Year: 2016 |  Germany

Marc Deville is an acclaimed author of erotic literature. In his personal life, however, physical closeness with the opposite sex eludes him. Being a porn addict, his sexuality is narrowly defined by the framed images he can masturbate to. One day he meets Justine, a nurse with a fetish of her own: her love for erotic asphyxiation has estranged her from her husband Eric, a theatre director...

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Cheating Notes

The wife attends the author's reading in a bookstore. She comes home, reads his book, and masturbates to it (23:28). At the same time, the author brings an 'interested' female fan to his apartment, but instead of fucking her in his bedroom, he makes her masturbate in the adjacent room while he watches and jerks off via video. The fan can see him masturbate via video too. The author has a problem getting in physical contact and having sex with anyone so this is how he rolls.

The wife starts dating the author. While that is going on, we see her have fights with her husband sometimes, and sometimes the husband tries to win her over by making her breakfast in their backyard, etc.

At 1:00:30, the wife and the author take a dip naked at somebody's pool. She tries to kiss him while they are drying off but he rejects her because of his condition. Instead, he takes her home and makes her masturbate in the next room while he watches. The wife starts masturbating but she's not feeling it, so she stops and leaves.

The wife has asphyxiation sex with her husband (1:07:00). The asphyxiation part is her request and I guess the husband doesn't really like it and has just agreed to it this time to reduce the tension in their relationship.

The wife meets the author and tries to satisfy his fetish, but while she's taking off her clothes, he stops her, they talk, and they do not push through with it (1:14:38).

The wife meets the author again and masturbates in front of him (1:21:21). They go to a bar, dance a little, and then they come back to his place, get naked and start having sex. He seems to be getting over his fear, but then he pushes her away while she is kissing his body. They dress up and drive to a dock. Inside the car, they kiss, she takes her panties off (only her panties so she's not naked) and rides him. They finish this time.

The wife and the author have sex in his place (1:33:42). She tells him to choke her while they're fucking. He starts doing it, but he's really not into it so he stops and kicks her out of the room naked. She sits and cries in the hallway.

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Original / Other Title:  Die Haut der Anderen, The Skin of Others

 Director:  Thomas Stiller

Genres: Drama

Country:   Germany
Language:  German
Release Date:  1 December 2016

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