Do Not Disturb (2016)
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 43 min | Year: 2016 |  United Kingdom

Anna and John book into the Stratford-upon-Avon hotel separately, following Anna's extra-marital fling but they had paid for the room anyway. They decide to give their marriage another go but then Anna sees young Luke, hung-over best man from the previous night's stag party, who mistakes her for a prostitute; she rings receptionist Sheila to get rid of him. Meanwhile, two real escorts arrive and assume that porter Neil is their client, to Sheila's annoyance. Confusion arises when a blindfold Anna has sex with Luke by mistake and Neil ejects John, believing him to be Luke. By the time Anna's mother turns up, there is much explaining to do.

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Cheating Notes

Due to some confusion at a hotel, a blindfolded wife ends up getting cunnilingus from a young man, thinking he is her husband (36:53). What adds to the sexiness is that when she finds out that the young man isn't her husband, she tells him to continue giving her head because he was very good at it. Also, while she is enjoying getting oral sex from the young man in the second half, moaning and all that, her clueless husband is talking to her from outside the door, confessing to her that he fucked someone from work.

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