Donne e magia con satanasso in compagnia (1973)
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 92 min | Year: 1973 |  Italy

The film consists of these episodes: l) Making him believe that a barrel magical pantry gold coins as long as a woman dances around naked, Buffalmacco weaves a mockery against Ser Cecco, in order to get laid with his wife. The man, however, discovers the deception and takes revenge atrociously. 2) Concettina, in love with Astolfo, addresses a magician in order to meet his love. Leveraging its naivete, the magician and his friends take advantage of the girl, but they all end up in jail. 3) A priest of Satan celebrates the marriage between a witch and the Prince of Darkness, replacing him at the time of consuming it. 4) An employee believes that his career is due to the intervention of a sorceress, until he discovers that it is the result of the friendship between his principal and his wife. 5) A priest of the ancient Saxons, after celebrating the marriage of a couple, assists as a voyeur to their effusions. 6) A woman, whose husband becomes occasionally impotent, is divided between him and the magician who takes care of him. 7) A young bet with his friend to be able to conquer a sorceress. Vince posing as a homosexual eager to become normal...

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Cheating Notes

 Director:  Roberto Bianchi Montero

Genres: Comedy

Country:   Italy
Language:  Italian
Release Date:  15 May 1973

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