The Island of Prohibited Pleasures (1979)
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NC-17  96 min | Year: 1979 |  Brazil

The Island of Prohibited Pleasures

Ana, a fake journalist and professional assassin, is assigned by the far right organization she works for, for a daring mission on the Isle of Prazeres. Using former journalist Sérgio as guide, she must be able to enter the site and eliminate two subversive refugees: the Reichian theoretician William, who shares his wife, Lucia with Sergio, and the anarchist Nilo who lives with two sisters, Brigite and Monique in a tent at the seaside. In direct contact with the hedonism of the paradisiac stronghold of renegades, the hitwoman discovers, with difficulty, the revolutionary function of pleasure.

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Cheating Notes

Lucia, William's wife, is having an extra-marital affair with Sergio. Their trysts are at 45:37 (flashback sex scene), 1:04:17 (they make out while her husband and Ana are outside the house), and at 1:09:02 (sex). Not sure if her affair with Sergio is with permission from her husband, as stated in the movie description, or without because they break off their kiss on their second tryst when her husband and Ana enter the room, like they're hiding it from William.

Original / Other Title:  A Ilha dos Prazeres Proibidos

 Director:  Carlos Reichenbach

Genres: Drama, Thriller

Country:   Brazil
Language:  Portuguese
Release Date:  15 January 1979

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